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Welcome to the heart of our community, where the spirit of service and dedication thrives. Meet Daphne Campbell, a leader, advocate, and beacon of hope for North Miami.

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Florida State Senator Daphne Campbell, RN, BSN

North Miami, North Miami Beach, Biscayne Gardens, El Portal, Miami Shores, Nort Bay Village, Surfside, Indian Creek, Miami Beach, Bal Harbor, Bay Harbor, Miami Beach, Sunny Isles Beach, Liberty City, Liberty Square, Part of City of Miami, Arcola Lakes.

Former Senator Daphne Campbell is an accomplished Entrepreneur and former State Senator with more than a combined 25 plus years of experience providing strategic and operational servitude (both in and outside of the Senate). She is originally from Haiti and has been a Registered Nurse for more than 35 years. The Honorable Daphne Campbell understands how best to leverage her extensive experience in politics – and has been instrumental in using her expertise in the areas of crisis management, human capital issues, cultural diversity and leadership development, as well as using her exceptional abilities to analyze and identify procedural problems, provide practical solutions that result in greater effectiveness and productivity.

Former Senator Campbell’s journey began in 2010 when she ran a successful campaign in the Democratic primary to replace incumbent State Representative Ronald Brise, who left an open seat in the 108th District. She defeated her then opponent Alix Desulme by fewer than 400 votes, winning 52% of the vote and advancing to the general election, which she won unopposed. After six years spent in Tallahassee as State Representative (108th District), she became State Senator after the runoff opposing her to Philippe Brutus, another Haitian- American who ran as an NPA (No Party Affiliation) candidate. She then became the first Haitian-American on November 2016 to serve as a Florida State Senator. Winning her elected post in the 38th District State Senate race by a landslide (75.2%) crushing her opponent, the former State representative Philippe Brutus (24.8%).


Throughout her career, former Senator Campbell accomplished many things both for her constituency in House District 108, Senate District 38 and for the entire State of Florida. She was instrumental in championing several bills including: “Medical Malpractice,” “Affordable Housing,” and “Haitian American Nurses Awareness Week,” “Haitian Independence and Flag Day/Haitian, Haitian American, and Caribbean American Heritage Month,” and road designations within the “Transportation Facility., NCLEX Policy For International Nursing Students since February 2011 (Changes for Haitian Nurses only) to seat for Florida State Board of Nursing with their temporary identification to seat for the Nursing exam,
Known for her moderate but independent stand on issues, Campbell worked tirelessly on policies and received numerous awards including, (a) Women of Inspiration Award from the Greater North Miami Chamber of Commerce, (b) Best Woman of the Year from the Military and Law Enforcement Veterans Association (MILEVA), (c) Honorary Professor degree in Divinity,
(d) Honorary Doctorate degree in Divinity, (e) Women That Transcend, (f) Most Accomplished Black Community Leaders, and (g) Entrepreneurs-South Florida’s 100 Most Accomplished Caribbean American, (h) Award for being a Champion & a Voice for the Voiceless, (i) Recognition of her unwavering legislative commitment, dedication & service to Florida’s Municipalities.

Like many female leaders before and during her time, the former Senator is a fierce advocate, wise counselor, committed person with the right habits and discipline, filled with tenacity, and inspiration, while working for the people as a “Voice for the Voiceless.” Former Senator Campbell acts as a liaison in her community to fill the gap and provide services that are needed by her fellow American constituents. She is known as the Senator who supports “All people” regardless of political ties, or boundary lines. Whether by ensuring the reunification of families, handling landlord tenant issues—preventing foreclosures, ensuring the education of children, distributing basic needs such as, working in conjunction with Farm Share Food Distribution, or simply showing love to those in need of it; she has spent her political time working with many local families, who inspired and motivated her to run for office. Moreover, she enjoys spending time with her children, reading, and volunteering in her communities.

Critical local issues are always at her forefront. The former Senator however chose not to limit herself to “one issue,” and instead focuses on making her mark addressing many issues including on the rights of youth empowerment, preventing crime, and employability for all. She established a reputation as a tough legislator who generally adheres to conservative principles, but who as a “maverick” has demonstrated the willingness to break from her party on certain issues. Her political views are shaped in part by her upbringing. As a child, her mother instilled family values of “We are our brother keepers,” a Biblical principle that the former Senator embraces as she served her community through her bold and spiritual leadership.

Her distinguished record of public service includes, working with and serving her community men, women, and children. She has participated with the Young Democrat Political Leaders and the Democratic Executive Committee Party, the Nomi Kids & Democracy Political Election Week for the students in Miami’s elementary, middle, and high schools, the grand opening of Overtown Youth Center’s Clinic as a volunteer registered nurse, and as an active member of the Citizens Coalition for Miami Dade Public School, PTA and PTSA.

She is a unique person, in the United States Senate, known for her down-to-earth, determined style. Accordingly, as a mother, critical care registered nurse, community leader, community advocate, and the first elected Haitian to Florida’s upper chamber, she fully understands how complex issues affect every day American families. Former Senator Campbell possesses the extraordinary leadership qualities required to rebuild, restore, empower, inspire, and work with local officials, community groups and individuals to develop an overall vision with specific tasks and measurable goals in Senate District 38, to be an even more successful community. She will be a tireless advocate for all people.

Senator Campbell has been honored and awarded for her excellency, integrity and passion for service on numerous occasions. She has chosen to run in 2023 for office because she has seen
too many times, individuals during their campaign run one way to get elected, then govern the complete opposite way when they get there. Her experience and knowledge of politics far supersedes her opponents, and the City of North Miami Mayor Candidate’s seat needs a more experienced elected official to stand up for the citizens, not just for getting elected. Below are a few more of her recognitions and awards:

Appropriations Accomplishments

Senator Campbell has been instrumental for over $ 4 billion in appropriations from 2011-2018 as a State Representative and State Senator.




State Representative



State Representative



State Representative



State Senator



State Senator




  • AMI Kids Miami-Dade, Award Certificate of Appreciation
  • Christian Family Coalition, Friend of the Family Award, Recognition for common sense family values, November 2012, Recognition for 100% voting record session
  • ICABA, 100 Most Accomplished Black Entrepreneurs and Community Leaders
  • Latin University of Theology, The Degree of Honorary Doctor of Divinity
  • Latin University of Theology, The Honorary Professorship Award
  • Unsung Heroes, Activist Award
  • WOW, Women That Transcend, Recognition Award
  • All Nations Community Service, Legislator of the Year Recognition Award Miami 1st Haitian Church of God, Honorary Recognition Award
  • Ebenezer Christian Academy and Full Gospel Assembly of Miami, Award of Appreciation
  • Legislative appreciation from The Florida League of Cities for unwavering support for Florida’s Municipalities
  • Exemplary Leadership & dedicated service to her community Award
  • With profound gratitude & Appreciation for tireless leadership & outstanding efforts on constituent’s behalf
  • Women recognition
  • Outstanding leadership Award in the community while maintaining a role as an exemplary mother

Senator Campbell received a ton of Awards & Recognitions. Senator Daphne Campbell is a hardworking leader who has seen too many suffering from a lack of affordable health care, individuals having to work multiple jobs to support their families, housing cost increasing with little increases in wages, our public schools neglected, solo families needing support, crime growing and public safety challenged, while elected officials do just enough to get by. She is a mother, a nurse, a politician, a true public servant, a champion for all and most importantly she will serve the city of North Miami Mayor seat with pride and become the VOICE FOR  THE VOICELESS

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Our Main Attention

Join Daphne Campbell on her journey to build a brighter future for North Miami, where every voice is heard, every individual is empowered, and every community thrives.



A Legacy of Service

Daphne Campbell's journey is defined by her unwavering commitment to serving others. With over 25 years of combined experience in public service and advocacy, Daphne has dedicated her life to making a difference in the lives of those around her.

A Voice for the Voiceless

As a former State Senator and now a candidate for the City of North Miami Mayor seat, Daphne Campbell is passionate about amplifying the voices of the unheard and advocating for those who need it most. She is a tireless champion for critical issues such as healthcare, education, and public safety, striving to create a better future for all residents.

A Vision for the Future

Daphne Campbell's vision for the future is one of empowerment, advocacy, and progress. With her experience, determination, and unwavering commitment to serving her community, she aims to make a meaningful difference in the lives of all residents of North Miami.